Cappamore Leader Notes 25 May 2020

Notes prepared by Helen Lundon

Message from Fr Browne PP:

LastSaturday was supposed to be First Holy Communion day in Cappamore. Many of us remember it as the first significant family/community day of our lives and it was an expected rite of passage. This year is the first year in living memory that the children will be denied their day albeit temporarily. So spare a thought for the Children who had been preparing for this day from the time they started school. Fr. Browne spoke directly to the children on the Radio on 108FM, the Church channel.

Church News:

The Chapel is now for private prayer and reflection from 10.30am to 4pm initially. Please observe social distancing. Use the Hand sanitiser provided entering and leaving. The Pews will be cleaned and rotated each day and those not in use will be clearly marked with Hazard Tape,

New sculpture being installed in village:

The "Cappamore Flame" being installed on site on the fire station grounds, this piece is a 50th year celebratory piece dedicated to all of the past and present fire service members who worked there.


New Catering Company who will deliver to your door

Murroe Catering is a new Catering Company, based in Murroe but also Catering to Cappamore, Boher, Newport and the Surrounding areas.

“We cook fresh meals from Wednesday to Sunday and deliver to your door. We have vegetarian options, gluten free and half portions available also. ”
Please contact Joanne on 086 3639326
email or find us on Facebook @ Murroe Catering Service 👨‍🍳🚗🍴😋

Menus for coming days are attached.

Cappamore Notes 27 April 2020

St. Michael’s Day Care Centre:

Full credit to the Management and Staff of St. Michael’s Day Care Centre, as they put out the helping, caring hand to their patrons during these strange and uncertain times. Liz and Staff prepare, cook and deliver an average of thirty eight meals every day to Day Care Centre patrons and other people who request them. The meals are freshly cooked every morning, covered and packed carefully so that the food arrives piping hot and ready to be eaten. Jimmy Dawson, bus driver, and one member of Staff deliver the meals keeping hygiene and social distancing fully in mind. Liz has also arranged that some patrons receive the newspaper or other basics that they need. As you can imagine, the patrons are delighted with this visit. A daily, nutritious meal is a lifeline in these tough times. Fair play to Liz and Staff for keeping the flag flying in this caring and practical way.

Attached picture Caption: Caroline Devane, Josephine Ryan and Jimmy Dawson get ready to load up and start delivering lunch to the patrons of St. Michael’s Day Care Centre, Cappamore.


From: Helen.Lundon
Date: 27/04/2020 15:09 (GMT+00:00)

Subject: Cappamore Notes 27 April 2020