Cappamore Notes 27 April 2020

St. Michael’s Day Care Centre:

Full credit to the Management and Staff of St. Michael’s Day Care Centre, as they put out the helping, caring hand to their patrons during these strange and uncertain times. Liz and Staff prepare, cook and deliver an average of thirty eight meals every day to Day Care Centre patrons and other people who request them. The meals are freshly cooked every morning, covered and packed carefully so that the food arrives piping hot and ready to be eaten. Jimmy Dawson, bus driver, and one member of Staff deliver the meals keeping hygiene and social distancing fully in mind. Liz has also arranged that some patrons receive the newspaper or other basics that they need. As you can imagine, the patrons are delighted with this visit. A daily, nutritious meal is a lifeline in these tough times. Fair play to Liz and Staff for keeping the flag flying in this caring and practical way.

Attached picture Caption: Caroline Devane, Josephine Ryan and Jimmy Dawson get ready to load up and start delivering lunch to the patrons of St. Michael’s Day Care Centre, Cappamore.


From: Helen.Lundon
Date: 27/04/2020 15:09 (GMT+00:00)

Subject: Cappamore Notes 27 April 2020