Cappamore Medical Practice – Dr Patrick O Dwyer – Booster vaccine

Following the announcement yesterday, Thursday regarding the arrangements put in place for the administration of Covid booster vaccine, the following is our plan. We will organise clinics for those aged 70-79 years. It will take us a number of weeks to complete the process of vaccination as the practice is busy. We ask you to be patient and not to pressurise us looking for your booster. We will phone patients with an appointment, possibly from an ex-directory line in order to keep the surgery line free.
Ideally, six months must have passed before a patient receives their booster therefore, we will start vaccinating 79year-olds, then 78 year olds, then 77 year old etc. We may choose to vaccinate a husband and wife together if their timeline is correct or if they have difficulty travelling to the surgery – please do not be upset if you become aware of this occurring.
As we are not informed as to who has received a third/booster vaccine by the hospital referral system I would ask patients between 75-79 years to let us know if they have had their 3rd covid vaccine. To avoid waste, we do not want to order vaccine for these people.
I will ask those in the 70-74 year old age group to let us know if they have been vaccinated in a few weeks time. Also, our plan may change as the weeks progress.
The third vaccine is wonderful for this group of patients and we are glad to be part of it. We will try to keep all other services going as efficiently as possible, however some disruption is inevitable. Thank you as always for your support.