Cappamore Dr O’Dwyer Booster Vaccines Update

Hello everyone.
We have now completed our commitment to the Covid booster vaccinations programme.
We have assigned appointments to patients who received their primary Covid vaccine course with us last Spring and to those who turned 70 years since.
If we have missed any patient WHO RECEIVED THEIR PRIMARY COURSE- ie 2 VACCINES with us last Spring please phone the surgery and let us know.
Please remember
1: If you have had a covid infection you must wait 6 months to receive your booster
2: Those under 70 should receive their booster from whoever gave them their first 2 vaccines.

Thank you to everyone for being so kind, patient and understanding over the last number of months while we vaccinated our patients against flu and Covid.
We would be grateful if you would NOT phone us regarding booster vaccines for those under 70 years of age. Unfortunately, it is not possible for us to administer these as the surgery is extremely busy and we are finding it difficult to maintain the demand on the service.